BEYOND KYC Podcast ▶ Episode 13 | 02.05.2024

Data Insights

Enhancing regulatory compliance and client lifecycle management

Moderated by Thorsten Breitkopf,
Head of the Economy Department at Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger

In episode 13 Sam Jarret and Thorsten Breitkopf discuss

  • why data accuracy and flexible data models are crucial for navigating complex regulations and enhancing client lifecycle management
  • how efficient data management improves client onboarding and customer experience
  • the main challenges for firms in accessing quality data
  • how firms ensure counterparty data is kept up to date

  • how s&p and Validatis enhance global and German-specific data access

Enjoy listening to it:

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About the people in
this podcast episode


Thorsten Breitkopf has been Head of Business at the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger since 1 January 2019. Until then, he worked for almost ten years at the Rheinische Post in Düsseldorf as an editor for regional business. His areas of specialisation include aviation, banking, industry, trade and services. After graduating from high school, the business graduate completed an apprenticeship as a banker and worked for several years as a balance sheet analyst at Deutsche Bank in Cologne and elsewhere.


Sam Jarrett is a product and commercial lead within S&P Global Market Intelligence Regulatory Compliance, responsible for delivering client lifecycle management solutions to help clients drive operational efficiencies and meet regulatory requirements. He helps define and construct go-to-market strategy to ensure S&P's Data, Technology and Expertise remains industry-leading. He has extensive experience executing and managing large projects across regulatory outreach, KYC, screening and client onboarding for global banks and financial institutions.