KYC Complyer
5 steps to a valid KYC profile

Design your workflow efficiently and in a tamper-proof way with the KYC Complyer from Validatis

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Portfolio overview

Company search
My portfolio
To-do list
1st level monitoring
To-do list analysis


Master data
Network details (list)
HR reports
Annual financial statements
Review of risk factors
Network (graphic)
Commercial register excerpt
Discrepancy report

Representative bodies

Review of representative bodies
Add people
Upload documents

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Ultimate beneficial owners

Structure of the ultimate beneficial owners
Detailed list of the ultimate beneficial owners
Shareholder structure
Shareholder lists
Network of the ultimate beneficial owners
10% ultimate beneficial owner threshold
Determination of voting rights
Daily register excerpt
Discrepancy report
Enhanced due diligence request

Risk information

Risk information
Risk assessment
Network risks


KYC report
Commercial register
Transparency register