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5 steps to a valid KYC profile

Design your workflow efficiently and in a tamper-proof way with the KYC Complyer from Validatis

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KYC workflow

More security and efficiency for KYC checks.

You will receive a complete KYC profile including original documents in just five steps. With KYC Complyer, you can design your workflow safely and efficiently. Meaning more time for your day-to-day business.




1. Identification of contractual partners

Identify your contractual partner even faster and more securely than before. In KYC Complyer, all information from public registers, including documents, is aggregated and processed in a user-friendly way.  Break down corporate structures in just a few minutes via the interactive interface. The latest reports from the commercial register also keep you up-to-date.




2. Review of representative bodies

In the network overview, your contractual partner’s shareholding structures are transparent and easy to understand. The network structure can be dynamically adapted to the needs of your verification process using a filter and level function. The PEP and sanction list status at a person level is colour-coded in the structure. Current and previous relationships, such as functionaries, are transparent for you and available to view at a glance.




3. Review of ownership and control structures

KYC Complyer displays ownership and control relationships in a clear and understandable way, so that you can comprehensively understand and break down even complex structures in just a few minutes. This makes it quick and easy for you to determine the ultimate beneficial owner.




4. Risk management

The KYC Complyer provides you with all of the information required for your risk assessment. From PEP status to sanction lists to potential risks based on industry code or country. You store your personal contractual partner risk assessment together with the review cycle directly in the Complyer, therefore maintaining an overview of what’s going on.




5. Documentation and completion

All verification results are summarised for you in a KYC report. You also receive all original documents used to determine the ultimate beneficial owner. This is how you meet the requirements for tamper-proof documentation on one platform.

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Individual package based on your requirements.


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More time and resources for your day-to-day business.

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Tamper-proof documentation for greater security.

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